Photo Gallery

Psychology Professor Ernest R. Hilgard

Professor E. R. (Jack) Hilgard at his office with Eddie Oshins.
Eddie Oshins showing his quaternionic hand movement to Professor E. R. Hilgard.
Professor E. R. (Jack) Hilgard with Eddie Oshins.
Professor E. R. (Jack) Hilgard eating "ten thousand years noodles" (chang shou mian) with Eddie Oshins in celebration of his 90th birthday at Ken Chung's family's restaurant.
Hilgard-Ruth-Eddie-Kris From left to right Stanford University Psychology Professor E. R. (Jack) Hilgard, Ruth Oshins, Eddie Oshins, and Kris Brenner, who is responsible for introducing Eddie and Chen Qingzhou and his family, at Eddie's 50th birthday banquet.
50 Cake Eddie's friends and colleagues surprised Eddie at his 50th birthday with a cake commemorating Eddie's three principle contributions in quantum psychology, human rights, and wing chun kuen kungfu.
Hilgard-Eddie... E.R. Hilgard at a reception acknowledging Ruth Oshins' contributions supporting Eddie's Quantum Psychology Project® and enabling the publication of Yuri Orlov's smuggled scientific documents. Others attending behind Hilgard and R. Oshins include from left to right: Joel Norvell, Marilyn Kreiger, Eddie, and Fred Young.
Open letter by Professor Ernest R. Hilgard on behalf of Eddie Oshins.
Hilgard, E.R. (1989). Reflections on the future of scientific psychology. Paper presented to panel on The future of scientific psychology. 1989 AAAS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.